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CH Kelseva Lover Boy ~ Romeo

Dolce Dimitri di Casa Libra ~ Dimitri

Redcap Magdelaine ~ Maggie 


About us

Hello and welcome

We are a small Beagle kennel situated in Ticino, Switzerland.

My Beagle family started with darling Anisha, my love, who is forever in my heart, my thoughts and will never be forgotten. I thank you my Anisha and hope to meet you again somewhere, some day.


My sweet boy Dimitri came along and then my special boy Romeo and lastly my pretty girl Maggie.

After loving, owning and showing beagles for over 10 years I have decided the time is right to start a new and very exciting adventure.

 I am planning our second litter of Beagle puppies – to arrive sometime between Spring and Summer 2020. Watch out for all the news on the site.


My gratitude goes to Kelly Nash (Kelseva) and Michelle Kingsland (Redcap) for they entrusted me with Romeo and Maggie so that my dream may continue


We live in a little village in the southern part of the Swiss Alps called Chironico.

Our home is situated next to the forest with a nice garden