The White Witches 

Dapperlee A Xmas Carol - Carol and

Dapperlee A Xmas Eve - Eve 


Father & Son

CH Kelseva Lover Boy - Romeo

Dapperlee A Xmas Berry - Berry


The Beagle Gang: Dimitri, Romeo, Maggie, Eve, Carol and Berry


The Christmas edition litter at 9,5 weeks old


We are very pleased to present our Xmas Edition litter born on 25th December 2018

Maggie and babies are doing great.
We have 6 beautiful puppies:
4 girls (2 bicolour) and 2 boys.


Puppies on the way!!
I’m happy to announce that Maggie should give birth to her first puppies at the end of December 2018.


Sire: CH Kelseva Lover Boy 
(Redcap Temperance x Redcap Out of The Ashes to Kelseva JW) 
Dam: JCH Redcap Magdelaine
(Redcap Wensleydale x Redcap Ambrosia)

Puppies will be MLS, NCCD, IGS, Lafora and POAG clear by parentage. 
FVII clear or carrier

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